When Mark Zuckerberg addressed the Web 2.0 conference he explained Facebook’s goals…

“Over the next five years, most industries are going to get rethought to be social and designed around people.”

The integration of social business and people within organisations will redefine how we do business. Your competitors are thinking about this, your main rival is executing on this and then your left scratching your head thinking where do I start with all of this?

That’s where I come in. I left my 9-5 HR role to make a bigger impact on the HR profession as we know it. I guess you can call The HRockstar a movement that stands for the integration of social business mixed in with marketing/branding and revolving around people issues.

I’m working with organisations to help guide them through this change. If you want to have a conversation around this topic drop me a line as I’d love to show you my passion over a coffee.

2 Responses to “Consulting”

  1. Shingapath Natololoo

    Hello Damon,

    My name is Shingapath and i am the head lecturer of Human Resource Managment at the university of Colombo, Sri Lanka. I am wondering if you could prepare a presentation and present it via teleconference on the importance of young HR professionals in the work place. We have struggled for HR students at the school for some time and need to find new ways to attract new student to the HR profession. you seem like you are pretty passionate about the concept.


  2. Damon Klotz

    Hi Shingapath,

    Thanks for stumbling onto my blog.

    Can you send me an email that gives me a bit more information about the university, the amount of students who do HR and some of the problems you have encountered with engaging with the students.

    Any other information will help as well.




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