About ME!

Damon navigates his way through the ever changing digital space to help organisations and individuals engage their brandvocates, whilst using storytelling to create social change and lead the digital strategy for a global organisation.

He is formally trained in the art of Business where he focused his efforts on human resources and marketing but prefers the informal style of life-long learning to acquire new skills required to operate in this ever changing digital landscape.

I’m known to drift in and out of first and third person when writing my own LinkedIn profile summary or presenting a keynote speech at a conference. Damon is an avid fan of simple design, social change projects, connecting with remarkable people and making shit happen. Oh and he was born to travel, just spell his name backwards!

Damon Klotz in between some lovely ladies at the Tru London HR & Recruiting Conference 

Please feel free to get in contact as I love helping out and collaborating on awesome projects.

E-Mail: damon@damonklotz.com 

Twitter: @damonklotz

LinkedIn: My Profile

6 Responses to “About ME!”

  1. Liz Raymer

    Love the site Damon – well done! HR is almost sexy again. You certainly are today’s HRockstar! Contact me for a reference anytime – I would hire Damon ten times over.

  2. Malcolm Peters

    Hi Damon,

    I am an IT professional at Monash university in Melbourne. I was wondering if you could help me come up with a nick name similar to your HRockstar name. I think it is really cool and I believe if I had a cool nickname I may get some more respect around the campus. Maybe something like ‘marvellous Malcolm the Microsoft Magician’?


  3. Damon Klotz

    Hi Malcolm,

    Great to see you are interested in working on your personal brand.

    How about you send me an email damon.klotz@gmail.com and tell me a bit more about you and your personal qualities and I’ll see what I can do. A LinkedIn profile or resume would also help.

    The HRockstar!

  4. Oscar Mager

    Hi Damon,

    Not sure if Alan is very pleased to be called a lovely lady 😉 Your blog is great! Good to see that you’ve arrived safely in Australia. It was good to meet you at #truLondon this year. Hope to see you again some day.

    Wish you all the best,
    Oscar Mager

  5. Damon Klotz

    Hi Oscar,

    I’m not technically in-between Alan so I hope he doesn’t take offence to my comment! I have arrived safely and am trying to change the world in which I operate in, one day at a time.

    Hopefully we get to meet up again at a conference in the future. You should come to #TruAustralia!


  6. Craig Emery

    Love it Damon.
    Didn’t realise I needed a branded nickname though:)
    Particularly agree with the “Soften the Fck up” sentiments. Been a mini-crusade of mine for 40 years. Talk to me about your banner typeface.



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