Nomad in Paris.


Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Paris to run some training sessions and work with the executive team of the company I work for. The following is a few of my thrown together thoughts after a couple of days in Paris. 


Paris is full of some of the worlds best museums and tourist hotspots. The first time I visited Paris all I did was run from one tourist site to another. 


But on this trip I realised that the most authentic & enriching Parisian experience is to just roam around the streets and take it all in. 


The cliché of too many Australian’s in London seems to be also true for American’s in Paris. 


Travelling on your own at first can be incredibly daunting but after the initial fear I find it incredibly empowering. When before I may have been hesitant to get lost in order to prevent a potential confrontation between friends or girlfriend this time I actually found it exciting not knowing what was around the next corner. I knew that I’d eventually find my way back to le metro and then onto my next destination. 


Getting lost allowed me to find a little street of market stalls where I picked up camembert and a baguette for 2.70 without using a word of English. 


Spending two hours in front of two high school american girls in the line for the catacombs is enough to cause a signifiant drop in intelligence.  


To combat the potential IQ drop I watched Midnight in Paris whilst I was there and then roamed around the Latin Quarter after work the next day and picked up some literary classics from Shakespeare and Co. 


Paris is effortlessly cool & incredibly enchanting. Whether you want to walk the same streets as literary greats (like I was), sample some of the worlds best food or just be swept up by the romance of the place I think it’s hard to not find something to love about Paris.   


People really do ride around on bikes, with baguettes in hand whilst wearing stripy shirts. 


Networking is hard enough for most people, but it’s even harder when nobody speaks English. Which I soon worked out when attending the launch party of a new Parisian startup with someone I just met. 


It took me 50 minutes to fly from London to Paris but I truly felt like I’ve gone back to another period of time and not just a different city. Paris is magical like that. 

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