Shift Happens! The HRockstar Career Change Part One

I’m about to enter my first career transition. I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about the fact that linear career paths don’t exist anymore. Changing technology, changing industries & changing business demands mean that new jobs are created all the time.Thanks to all these changes I now find myself heading down a new and exciting career path.

Come August 2011 The HRockstar is moving away from generalist HR and more towards Recruiting, Employer Branding and Social media campaigns. I’m combining my love of marketing and talent management with technology. I’m also taking on a mix of contract work as well as consulting roles.

In reflecting upon my journey thus far I thought I’d capture some thoughts about my career transition and identify the experiences which have helped shape me.

Who Am I?

  1. My first experience with Talent was as the work experience kid with a team of sports agents at a Talent Management agency.
  2. I’m often found tweeting late at night and early in the morning to stay connected to friends in both the UK and the USA.
  3. I attended my first networking event with hair that went past my shoulders
  4. I consult to young professionals and students about personal branding & differentiating yourself in the job market
  5. I blogged anonymously for years about poetry, music, the arts and literature
  6. I left my first networking event in an ambulance
  7. I’m the AHRI Convenor for the Queensland Young HR Professionals Group
  8. I spoke at the Tru London HR and Recruiting UnConference in February 2011
  9. I landed my first professional job at this infamous first networking event
  10. I started blogging professionally at the end of 2009

All of those events and experiences have shaped who I am as a person. As I head down a new path I’ll remember where I have come from and who has helped me along the way as I look forward to tomorrow with both excitement and anticipation!

2 Responses to “Shift Happens! The HRockstar Career Change Part One”

  1. Peter Hros

    Good for you Damon, I am glad you found your favourite spots within rich HR portfolio. “Recruiting, Employer Branding and Social media campaigns” all sounds like you are going to have loads of fun. Good luck with your specialisation and keep us all in the loop.

  2. Damon Klotz

    Thanks for the comment Peter! I’m really excited for what the next 12 months will throw up at me.
    I’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as time goes on! Hope you’re enjoying your new role.


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