Why stopping is more important than starting.

How many times have you heard a brilliant piece of advice? One that will change your life if you implement it? Only to forget about it for the next day and the subsequent following days.

I think at times we are all guilty of this. This confession refers to the following piece of advice “Rather than operating at 110% you should take some time to sit back and reflect once in a while.”

Whilst I’d like to say that I do this enough I now realize that I don’t. I’ve had my eye on the ball for so long that it seems like I’ve forgotten what game I am playing. Whilst being driven to succeed in a career that you love is a great pursuit it doesn’t mean that you should dedicate every last-minute to it.

I’m writing this at 10:00 PM from Siena, Italy. I have a pizza to my left and a Peroni that is so large it doesn’t actually quantify how much is in the bottle. I’ve slept in until 11. Had Pizza for lunch & gelato for afternoon tea whilst slipping in a macchiato just before the sun went down. I spent the day seeing the sights and taking in the breath-taking moments with somebody that I love and I’m about to go out again to have a few drinks with friends. I haven’t thought about emails or twitter updates or what’s news on facebook for days and I don’t feel guilty for a second. On that same note rather than thinking about the progress of a project back at work I’m thinking about how I just managed to order dinner from start to finish in Italian and feeling a bit proud of my 25 word vocabulary.

I’m taking my time out. I’m stopping for a few days. But I know when I’m ready to start I’ll be as ready as ever. I know that when I turn that key in the engine the car will go faster than ever before because I’m refuelling at the moment.

No matter how much you love your career, your hobby, your partner or your dog if you spent 24/7 dedicating yourself to that pursuit you will soon lose your passion for it and the spark in your eye will soon fade.

So what I’m saying is, that it’s ok to take a break once in a while and refresh. It will be worth the while. Then when your ready again your goal will be clearer and more attainable than ever. Take my advice, I dare you.

With love from Siena.

5 Responses to “Why stopping is more important than starting.”

  1. Judy

    How very true

    Even when you are working it’s important to maintain a slow mindset – so that you appreciate what you are doing and how you are doing it

    Life is to be enjoyed and cherished and what a perfect place to do just that – Siena

    enjoy your break Damon

  2. Damon Klotz

    Thanks for the comment Judy! Life is to be enjoyed. After every corner and laneway I’m pinching myself so I take in every little building and hillside as every step I take is magical!

    Recuperation and time off work is highly underrated!

  3. HRbeginner

    There must be something in the air Damon as my latest post was too about giving it rest. You are absolutely right, there is more to be excited about than just a twitter, blogging and HR. Life is not black and white. I can imagine that pizza with Peroni all in beautiful surrounding of Northern Italy is exactly what it takes to get you ready for another crazy ride. Starting with #trulondon I suppose. 😉 Anyway check my latest post about how to run downhill to see similarities.

  4. Dave Fleet

    I love this! You’re so right – regularly unplugging and recharging is really important.

    Next step: dinner in Siena without blogging it 🙂

    • Damon Klotz

      It’s only when I look back and reflect 6 months later that I truly realise how important that break was. My career vision and passions outside of work have become far clearer since my time away.

      I thought you’d pick up on the fact that I blogged whilst having dinner. So I am guilty as charged of not completely disconnecting! Next time I’ll just take some pen and paper and scribble my thoughts just like Jack Kerouac or Ernest Hemingway would have!

      Thanks for the comment Dave!


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