How My Career in HR Nearly Killed Me!

Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? But it’s true.

So now you’re saying “Come on then, tell me story already!” But I’m afraid I can’t do that. You are going to have to pop along to XtremeHR to read my article!

Happy reading!

4 Responses to “How My Career in HR Nearly Killed Me!”

  1. Judy

    Damon, I didn’t know that story!! What a great one to tell people and how inspiring.

    • Damon Klotz

      I try to live an interesting life so I have lots of stories to tell!

      Ironically I went home in an Ambulance to the RBWH Hospital and then three weeks later I had a job with the Health department. That’s the crazy part!

      • Irina

        Damon, hi! In regards to your upper post, how did you managed to do that with hospital?? 🙂 please share the story, i desperately need an inspiration piece at the moment and you are great in your fearless approach what can I say 🙂

      • Damon Klotz

        Thanks for the comment Irina. It means a lot to hear that you are enjoying my fearless approach to being a modern day worker and entrepreneur.

        I’ll write a follow up post about how after having a near death experience I turned it into a turning point in my professional career.

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