It’s December!

My favourite month of the year has rolled in once again.

Christmas spirit, family and friends together, buying presents, my birthday (the 30th!) and then new years. A perfect time for reflections.

I’ve been reflecting for quite a while about this blog and it’s future and 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting year. I’ve got plans to do musical versions of my blog posts, HRockstar sing-a-longs, career advice from musicians and an e-book.

I’m still searching for an idea for the e-book so for those of you familiar with my writing or those brand new readers with a great idea please share it (and the Christmas spirit) in the comment box and I’ll do my darndest to deliver!

3 Responses to “It’s December!”

  1. Judy

    Hey Damon

    Love the idea of the e-book and the musical blogs (now, that I would pay money to see and hear!)

    I think an e-book around the reality of Gen Y would be awesome. There is so much misconception out there that it’s time someone set the record straight.

    Another idea could be something about using social media in learning and development to engage Gen Y.

    Or you could do a Carrie Bradshaw, and bung a few of your fabulous blogs together into an e-book and call it “The HRockstar and the City” or something like that….

  2. Damon Klotz

    Two of my favourite and most respected professional ladies have both come up with some cracking ideas in under five minutes since the post going live! I think that’s a record?

    I have thought about grouping together categories of blogs and giving them the e-booking treatment to make them more accessible to new readers but I also want to maybe generate specific new content for blog subscribers to thank them for their loyalty and attract new readers.

    Karen I really like you idea, I think I could spin it to focus it on the young professional in the workplace and make it fun and a good read.

    Let’s hope there are a few more ideas that come in and I’ll have a new e-book ready for every month of 2011 at this stage!


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