Movember & The Rally to Restore Sanity – what’s your cause?

As Movember rolls around once again and the rally for sanity came to a close it got me thinking about causes.

Now I know that your dog, your lecturer, your mentor and your very own HRockstar have harped on and on about passion. So I don’t want to regurgitate a previous post about passion.

But what I want to hear about is your cause. What do you care deeply about that maybe others might not know about? Cancer prevention? Clean drinking water? Reform in the Education system? Save the Koala Bear? Stopping violence against women?

It can be work related or maybe it has absolutely nothing to do with work or your job. But whatever it is I want to hear all about it.

What is it about your cause that inspires you?

What was the trigger that made you sit up and listen?

Why should others sit up and listen about your cause?

What are you doing about it?

Leave a comment or write your own blog post answering some of the questions and provide links so others can find out more about your cause.

Because in my eyes there is nothing more inspiring than a passionate person!


Note: My Movember Effort

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