The HRockstar goes troppo!

Hello and can I say I’m sorry it’s been this long between drinks. I’ve had a crazy few weeks so I thought I’d dot point them for you:

  • Finished my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • Bought my first car
  • Which consequently led to me getting my first ever credit card…. (shudders at the thought)
  • Delivered several presentations
  • Applied for the AHRI Queensland State Council (click-through to see my application)
  • Attended Career Planning & Job Search training
  • Successfully navigated my longest ever road trip

So whilst it has been an incredibly busy time it has also been an exciting time as I find myself writing this from my new home in sunny North Queensland! Considering I was born in Canberra, want to live in London, own one pair of shorts and have a wardrobe of European Winter clothing the decision to move up to the Whitsunday area coming into summer time shocked many people but none more so than me!

For those not so familiar with Australia I have moved to Townsville to do my third rotation in my HR Graduate Program. I can honestly say that I have experienced a best practice onboarding process. From meeting me at my new apartment, to a welcome basket of food and essential supplies, computer and stationary all set up ready to go and all the necessary forms ready to be completed. So I’ve managed to not only move to a brand new city with ease but also transition into a brand new team successfully so that I can hit the ground running and repay their faith in me. It’s been such a smooth transition that I’ve already managed to do a few touristy things on the weekend and bought enough food to feed a family of five… ahh the joys of cooking for one.

I still need to sort out my wireless connection in the apartment so I can stay updated and to keep everybody in the loop about my latest adventure. But before then I have a guest post from Fauzia Burke coming up this week on throwing away your resume.

So I’ve got to get back to working on my tan and playing my guitar but until then keep on HRocking!

The HRockstar

2 Responses to “The HRockstar goes troppo!”

  1. Karen Schmidt

    Have fun in Townsville! I’ve lived in Darwin which is similar (topical, distant, military base). Have met a couple of great HR people up there so if you want some intros let me know.

  2. Damon Klotz

    Thanks for the well wishes Karen! You have to snap up opportunities like these ones as the life experiences will stay with you forever and I have to stick to my name backwards: nomad.

    I’ve learnt a lot already and am looking forward to my time up here.


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