The HRockstar

The HRockstar. I have tagged myself as The HRockstar for some time now but have never really delved into what it means to me and how it comes across to others.

– Noun
1. A passionate young professional who drips in style, substance and swagger that cares about helping people realise their full potential. 

I had a very enjoyable coffee the other day with somebody whose first thought on it was ‘elegantly drunk’. I’m sure that depending on how many hours ago work had finished on a Friday that The HRockstar could well be that very character.

But besides being a conversation starter and my personal brand it’s most valuable asset is the fact that it’s remarkable. So much so that people do address me as The HRockstar.

So what I want to know from you guys in the comments is:

  • Do you have a personal brand?
  • Do you have any crazy personas or nicknames that could sum you up as a professional?

If this has never crossed your mind but you think it is something you may be interested in then leave me a comment and lets work together to see what we can come up with.

HRockstar strumming out.

9 Responses to “The HRockstar”

  1. Judy

    I love a personal brand! I don’t have one as cool as yours and I describe mine in a sentence. It goes something like –

    to engage people in conversations that open hearts and minds and allow them to be the best they can be.

    So, it has a L&D bent. If you can think of something cooler that encapulates that, bring it on.

    My partner, David calls himself the Naked Leader. The idea being that his style of leadership is stripped back to basics with no frills and baby kissing.

  2. Damon Klotz

    You are doing important work Judy and people need to know about it.

    The first thing that came to mind was ‘The Open Heart Trainer’ then you can have a bi-line that thrashes out what you are all about. Plus it’s catchy and a play on words.

  3. Karen Schmidt

    Great stuff Damon. I’d hire you if I could!

    Branding is vital whether you are an employee or a consultant. You must stand out from the crowd particularly in HR where we are sometimes accused of being “yes” people who try to hard to please everyone.

    I vote for an end to ineffective, politically correct HR! One of the my favourite quotes right now is “every plant knows that it’s only when you get crap thrown on you that you really grow”.

    • Damon Klotz

      Thanks for your support Karen!

      Branding is extremely vital these days. I’m working with a couple of students who are struggling as their résumé’s aren’t opening the doors they hoped it would. So we are doing personal branding 101 coaching at the moment to find their point of differentiation in the market.

      I think The HRockstar is fighting to say “HR is dead! Long live HR!” We need to move on from the old politically correct ways and start reinventing what it means to be in HR!

      It’s an exciting time. Keep up the good fight Karen!

  4. Mark Moore

    Great post Damon! And great branding. I’ve made a much needed shift in my branding recently.

    I’m an engineer by degree, most of my clients have been in the engineering field, but in my business I’ve always worked as a ‘learning and performance consultant’.

    I help people learn fast, and translate that learning to the job effectively. I do it by helping them to re-engineer their approach.

    Well, instead of being a Civil Engineer, I’ve made up my most accurate title yet:

    “Learning and Performance Engineer”.

    My degree taught me to build bridges. But my work is about building sturdy bridges between people’s learning and performance gaps.

    That’s my hardest punch and it combines who I am with what I do, so I should lead with it!


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