Sir Ken Robinson & The Education Revolution

The day one of my mentors introduced me to Sir Ken Robinson and his original TED talk was the day that I found my higher purpose. Tony Hsieh in his about to be released book Delivering Happiness writes about three types of happiness being pleasure, passion and higher purpose/meaning.

  • Pleasure – My next high comes from public speaking and travel
  • Passion – I’m engaged and time flies when I’m working on great projects and writing blog posts
  • Higher Purpose – I realised this after reading Sir Ken’s book The Element. My purpose is to help instigate an education revolution both in workplaces and the education sector

That’s why I need to share with all of you his latest TED Talk recorded earlier this year that was released this week to the public.

I encourage you to watch the whole video, if (which I highly doubt) Sir Ken doesn’t achieve his learning revolution he could take up a career as a stand up comedian as he has the crowd laughing throughout.

But on a more serious note, his talk is amazing and it is up there with Jamie Oliver’s Food revolution as a modern day crisis that requires action now. I say this as I was somebody who struggled through both the schooling system and intially the university sector. I survived thanks to a passionate teacher in High School who encouraged and challenged me and a mentor in university who is a big Sir Ken fan. So I have managed to scrape through and come out the other side and find my passion. I consider myself lucky, but others may not have those amazing people in their life at the same time and might end up doing something they hate for the rest of their life. This simply isn’t good enough anymore.

My first priority is to bring an education revolution to workplaces, Zappos is all over this with their education pipeline by creating a workplace that develops and nurtures great talent which leads to a workplace full of passionate people.

I also want to help take on the challenge that is modern day schooling and help bring on an evolution that creates schooling environments that fosters learning and to make it a place where children want to go and challenge the ideas that are put to them. Does anybody sometimes wonder when they hear about all the problems of violence, bullying, drugs and skipping class is because the students are bored and unchallenged?

So I challenge you to:

  1. Watch the video
  2. Share the video with your friends and contacts
  3. If you know of people within education or teachers make sure this video ends up with them as they need to be aware of this and can help bring change from the frontline

Lets share the message and help bring on a revolution! Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single click.

2 Responses to “Sir Ken Robinson & The Education Revolution”

  1. Judy Greenslade

    Sir Ken Robinson rocks!

    Being in the education system myself and having a 7 year old daughter in the system, I understand that change is needed.

    I always think it is so ironic that the place that is supposed to be preparing our young people for the world ahead is still stuck in the industrial age.

    Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world and yet there is no real gatekeeping in the industry – if you get the right marks you can get into teaching and if you bring good money into the university via research you get to stay. It doesn’t seem to matter whether you can inspire a class of students.

    I’m for the education revolution – you’ll find me in the front row leading the charge!


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