How will you ever know if you don’t ask the question?

It’s a premise that I have always believed in but never really understood the full extent of? That is until I am sitting here in a hotel in Sydney writing this at 6am watching the champions league from my bed waiting for my breakfast to be delivered to me.

If you told me last Wednesday I would be in Sydney next week on a business trip I would have laughed at you. Yet here I am in Sydney for the Connect Now Conference!

Connect Now is a marketing and communications conference focusing on the convergence of social media, emerging technologies and enterprise.

I’m here to learn from the leading thinkers and change agents in this field so I can successfully implement a social media strategy within my current district to help brand them in the wider community and to use it as a workforce planning tool to attract the next generation of employees to the organisation.

The highlight for me will be to see Gary Vaynerchuk live in action ripping the stage to pieces for over two hours! If you have seen his TED talk then you know the damage that he can do in just 20 minutes!

It will also be a little bit surreal as I have ramped up my own personal brand and social media presence this year so to see somebody who inspires and drives me on in the flesh will be very rewarding. It would be the HR equivalent of meeting Sir Ken Robinson.

PS: In case you are reading this and saying why doesn’t my boss send me interstate on business trips then maybe you should pass on this research I read in the inflight Virgin Blue magazine. “For every $1USD a company spends on travel they can expect a return of $15USD in profits.” IBS Global Insight 2009

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