6 Randoms Worthy of Stalking and Why

Every once in a while I am going to post about randoms who you should be following on Twitter and why. No business partners, no bribery,  just genuine people who will add value to your twitter stream and no long-winded excuse why they are amazing.

Keep It Simple Stupid!

BOOKEDforLunch  – Free online webinars with great authors. Last webinar had Seth Godin!

37signals  – Great company, great tweets and an amazing book in ReWork

JudyGreenslade – Pioneering Academic looking to make inroads into the teaching system

presentationzen  – Great book of the same name about slide shows and design

antiResume – Angela Lussier spreading her great story of doing what you love & no excuses

SirKenRobinson  – Hero. I want to ensure his dreams for education reform become reality. Worldwide!

Like I said, nice and simple.

Please post a couple of randoms who you love to follow that other people might not know about.

3 Responses to “6 Randoms Worthy of Stalking and Why”

  1. Judy

    and Jamie Oliver who is doing some awesome work with his food revolution in the USA

    • Damon Klotz

      I’m not going to have any left for my next post! I’m trying to showcase a whole range of people from all different backgrounds and levels of both fame and anonymity.

      If I did all my favourite ones I’d be here all day!


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