Change today for tomorrow not tomorrow for yesterday.

Rumour has it that your department is looking to cut costs. Your team has heard the whispers as well. The whole floor is starting to look really nervous and as you walk past some colleagues on the way to lunch you can’t help but notice that they are looking at career websites.

You have two choices:

  • Jump on the same career website as them and apply for the same job
  • Or be proactive and do something different

One situation people find themselves in when their career is on the line is speed networking, which is basically racing around a room throwing business cards at people hoping that one person actually catches it and calls you back.

To prevent becoming a puffed out ninja flicking business card assassin try networking today for tomorrow and not networking tomorrow for yesterday. There is a big difference between somebody who is genuinely interested in networking and somebody who is desperately networking for a job. Trust me, the majority of the room can tell!

The best networkers do it for the love of networking, for the love of giving expertise to others and just because they love meeting new people. So if you aren’t already, ask yourself why not? What is stopping you from networking?

So the next time you even contemplate your next big adventure somebody is already tapping you on the shoulder from the amazing world of the hidden job market.

Sounds good amazing doesn’t it?

2 Responses to “Change today for tomorrow not tomorrow for yesterday.”

  1. Judy

    So true.

    There is a great book called “Networking Exposed” by Lisa Butler that talks about the hows of successful strategic networking and the fact that it is indeed a whole lot more than just throwing your business card at everyone in sight.

    Great blog Damon!

    • Damon Klotz

      Thanks for the comment Judy!

      Although the ninja flicking part sounds fun it isn’t effective. There are certain proven strategies that everyone should be using!

      I think that book would be a good place to start for newbie networkers.



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