Planning is useful, plans are uselss

planning is useful, plans are useless’

2010 will be better than 2009. I guess that is everyone’s aim, to go that one step further than their previous attempt. It’s what drives the high achievers to never reach perfect, because you can never reach perfect if you are continuously finding new and better ways to operate. But this is a particularly big call for the following reasons.

In 2009 I achieved the following:

  • Backpacked Europe in January and February with my best mate through 9 different countries
  • Started my final year of university in March and found a subject I was truly passionate about in Learning and Development
  • Was President of the QUT Association of HR Students organising numerous events and pushing the strategic vision for the group
  • Awarded a Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management at QUT in November
  • Accepted a position as a HR Graduate for 2010 beating of 160 other graduates for one of five positions
  • Got bitten by the travel bug again and headed straight back to Europe with a group of graduating students to backpack around 10 countries between November & December
  • Turned 21 in December

Now I am not saying all of this to pat myself on the back, I am saying all of this so hopefully some of you want to WATCH THIS SPACE in 2010! I will be constantly planning and setting goals for the year and I promise to keep those interested in the loop.

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